Fortiter et Suaviter – ‘Strength and Gentleness’

The Brigidine motto, Fortiter et Suaviter challenges students to be “Women of Strength, Women of Gentleness”. These seemingly opposing virtues are in fact complementary notions of moral courage (fortiter) and consideration of others (suaviter).

Guided by this motto, the College fosters within students the development of Catholic faith and practice in congruence with the home environment. Students are respected as individuals and provided with an education based on, and infused with, Gospel values which underpin family values.

Based on their experiences of prayer, liturgy and service to others, students are encouraged to develop a personal spirituality from the fruits of their Catholic tradition and a strong understanding of the Catholic ethos.

The students are offered a broad range of programs enabling them to grow in their faith. These range from whole school and class masses to service learning and immersion programs both within and beyond Australia.


Liturgy at Brigidine is central to the community expression of faith making it present within the daily life of the College. Girls are encouraged as active participants in a range of prayer, sacrament, feast day and community celebration. The College celebrates Mass each term as a total school liturgy and each Religious Education class prepares their own liturgy for a class Mass. A ministry and liturgical leadership course is offered for the senior students.


The Retreats Program forms an essential element of the overall social, emotional and personal development of the girls. Brigidine College Retreats and Camps are held in Term 1 on the same week creating an important collective sense of participation through the whole College and reducing the impact on classes. The compulsory Retreats are an extremely worthwhile experience for all girls.

Retreats at Brigidine College aim to:

  • provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative, and to interact with others in a Christian context.
  • allow students the opportunity to make choices in an environment of guidance, discussion and prayer.
  • provide a climate where students can review their personal faith in the context of the whole Christian story.
  • ensure a memorable experience of school community, where the individual person is valued and communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are highlighted.
  • provide a variety of styles of retreat where students can explore issues which are relevant to their own needs and discern the type of experience which will meet those needs. For example: social justice retreats, spirituality retreats and inner journey retreats.

Year 10 Community Involvement Program

At Brigidine College our Community Involvement Program provides students with local opportunities to experience how they can make a positive difference in the situation of another thereby learning of the power of the Gospel in a practical way. This program:

  • gives students the opportunity to experience the world of work as a young adult
  • enables students to learn from those they encounter during their community involvement
  • enables girls to become aware of the needs of people in the community and the conditions that brought about their circumstances.


At Brigidine service to others has always been integral to the College Mission. The community is challenged to aspire to the selfless quality of being a servant ready to provide service, especially to the poorest of the poor. Overseas immersions assist with fulfilling this mission. Voluntary immersion programs are available to senior students.

Catholic Mission to Asia

In partnership with Catholic Mission, the College offers a service tour for senior students. The purpose of the program is for the group to gain insights into the realities of life for the people with whom they engage while in a Majority (Third) World context .They also develop insights into the rich spirituality and life of the Church in some of these communities. They develop a deep appreciation of a culture very different from their own and learn about the huge disparities in wealth between their own lifestyle and that of the communities with which they engage, from a perspective of justice and the Gospel.

The Immersion program includes time working in orphanages, kindergartens, schools, health clinics and de-mining programs while engaging with various NGOs. The program will also offer the students an opportunity to deepen their spirituality and strengthen their commitment to living their faith in ways that build a more just world.