Mission statement

Brigidine College St Ives is a Catholic congregational school dedicated to the education of girls. Founded by the Brigidine sisters to educate girls on Sydney’s upper north shore, the school models the charism of St Brigid, strength and gentleness. The College prides itself on providing a holistic education for girls combining the spiritual, academic, physical and cultural dimensions of learning.

With excellent academic results, a high level of achievement in the performing arts and sport and a strong commitment to service, girls at Brigidine are challenged to think and experience beyond their boundaries, to have the courage to question their world and model Christ’s teachings in their lives.

While maintaining this commitment to excellence it is also timely to recognise the challenges of a modern world. These include new directions in curriculum, constantly evolving technologies for accessing our world and the information available to us, accountability requirements and community expectations. And, as a Catholic school, it is imperative to provide girls with an understanding of their faith so they emerge from their schooling with the moral courage and the integrity to enrich their world.

The continued success of any endeavour is linked to its capacity to plan the direction it wishes to take and develop a framework that provides a cohesive and collaborative understanding of that direction. The Strategic Plan Towards 2020 provides the philosophy and understanding that will shape all areas of the College over the next few years.

Our Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with all stakeholders, the Board, staff, girls, parents and alumni of the College. It began with a commitment to reshape the Mission Statement which now articulates our shared purpose and reflects those elements that are intrinsic to how we define ourselves.

Mission Statement

We inspire girls to value learning, to be true to themselves and to honour their spiritual heritage. We challenge young women to act in the world with strength and gentleness.

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