Clubs and Activities

Covering a variety of interests, Brigidine’s Clubs and Activities are run by student leaders and are generally held during lunchtimes throughout the school year.


Art Club is for any student who wants a little bit more creativity in their lives! The Art leaders run activities every week in the Art studio. With a fun, relaxed atmosphere, artworks range from drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media. It is an opportunity to improve your skills and learn some new ones.


The Drama studios come alive with drama queens from Years 7 and 8. Run by our senior and junior Drama Captains, Drama Club at lunchtimes offers students the chance to gain confidence, work together as a team and enjoy a variety of drama activities. During Term 4 Drama Club also offers a screen acting course for junior and senior students run by two professional actors from The Talent Company, involving students completing their own show reel.


This club is open to all students and explores anything to do with any country’s language, people, festivals, traditions and culture. Activities include trivia and general knowledge questions, finding articles in travel sections of newspapers and magazines, discussions on political situations here and overseas, and discovering weird, interesting and wonderful facts about diverse nations whilst discussing why they would be great to visit.


The Robotics Club is for students who are interested in robotics, coding, technology or engineering. Students typically spend their time working with various types of kits to construct fun STEM projects. Competitions are available for those who wish to participate, including Zero Robotics, FIRST Robotics, RoboCup, STEM Video Game Competition, Tech Girls are Superheros and Grok Learning.


With hands-on activities led by our senior leaders, the Science Club offers anyone from Years 7 to 12 opportunities to find out more about the world around them. From flying drones to making slime, every Friday brings a new adventure that you might even be able to sink your teeth into!

Student Book Club        

Book Club is for students who wish to participate in discussions about books. Library leaders assist with the organisation and management of the club, and all members are encouraged to bring ideas and shared experiences about what they have read. Classes are held every second week at lunchtime.


This club provides an opportunity for beginners to learn some basic sewing skills and decorative techniques to construct simple garments. The girls learn how to use a sewing machine and make scrunchies from fabric they learn to dye themselves. Students will complete a drawstring bag and learn a variety of decorative textile techniques.