Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DEA) is an international award program providing young people between the ages of 14-25 years with the opportunity to experience a sense of personal achievement through individual challenge, teamwork and fun. Young people who take part in this award experience real connection to both their immediate and global communities. Completion of the Award empowers students to become future leaders and true global citizens.

The Award and is designed to individually challenge its participants in a noncompetitive way, encouraging personal growth, perseverance and commitment.

There are three levels of the program (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and four components of each level:

  • Service – Volunteering time to assist others or your community
  • Physical Recreation – Improving fitness and discovering new sports or active recreational activity
  • Skills – Undertaking a new interest or hobby or extending a current one
  • Adventurous Journey – Embarking on a journey in an unfamiliar environment, creating opportunities for team building through shared planning, role allocation, problem solving and accommodating physical and personality differences. There are two adventurous journeys – Practice and Qualifying.

At Brigidine, Bronze is open to Year 9 students, Silver to Year 10 students and Gold to Years 11 and 12 students. Registrations occur annually at the start of Term 4 the year before the award commences.

“Duke of Ed empowers young people to make true, impactful change in the world, whether that be having the compassion to help, the courage to take on a challenge or the sheer determination to stand up for what you believe in. If you can climb up that mountain, canoe over 20 kilometres in the blazing summer sun and carry everything you need for four days on your back, you can do anything.”  Caitlin Cummins, College Captain 2019