Antipodeans Abroad International Trips

Antipodeans Abroad expeditions offers a leaderships program that takes students to developing countries, with the students actively involved in the planning and execution of their own expedition under professional supervision and with staff support from the College.

The students will be challenged, will experience leadership and will immerse themselves in a totally different culture. In turn, they will call upon qualities of resilience, determination and responsibility.

The goals of the trip are fivefold:

  1. To be involved in a Social Justice project: a building project for a local community school such as providing a toilet block, community school fence, painting classrooms.
  2. Experiencing Cultural Immersion: in a developing country where students learn the language and more simple ways of life.
  3. Leadership Development: both personal leadership and group leadership is fostered throughout this trip. Most decisions will be made by the students themselves such as where they sleep, where and what they eat, what they see and do, and what methods of transport they use during the 19 days in the country. Students will be paired up and choose a duty role to perform for two days. Student will then rotate through the duty roles. Such duty roles include accommodation, budget, communication, food, group gear and transport.
  4. Physical Challenge of a Trek: into the hills to walk and socialise with the local villagers.
  5. Global Citizenship: The impact of the Vietnam War on the Asian region.