Cultural tour

The Cultural Tour is an opportunity for Year 11 girls to enjoy an educational experience over 17 days in the United Kingdom and Italy following the conclusion of their Preliminary Course.

The girls will visit historically significant castles, cathedrals and museums, geographically significant towns, villages and regions and the birthplaces and sources of inspiration of authors, poets and playwrights. They will experience culturally significant foods, accents and lifestyles, including theatres, a theme park, underground trains and double decker buses. This means the girls will be exposed to the authentic living context of so many elements of their studies that cannot be experienced in Australia.

An historical and cultural narrative will weave around and connect the cities of York, Edinburgh, Manchester, Warwick, Bath, London, Florence and Rome using JK Rowlings, Wordsworth, the Brontes, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, The English monarchy, the Church, Michaelangelo, the Romans, the Industrial Revolution and so much more. A little bit of haggis, black pudding, gelato and a trip to the West End will just make it all the more enjoyable!