Exchange opportunities

Student Cultural Exchange is offered through a range of well-established companies who ensure that advice and guidance are available to students, parents, host families and schools.

The College is happy to support exchanges which commence after the College year end exam period, which is mid November. This allows the student two full months overseas.  Exchanges which take the student out of school for the whole or majority of Term 4 will not be supported by the College.  The reason for this is that these students’ learning is significantly affected.  The College believes that prior learning underpins success in Years 11 and 12, missing a whole term of work seriously impacts on the student’s ability to cope in Years 11 and 12.  We ask families to take the College’s view into consideration when planning an exchange.

Girls who undertake these programs should show an avid interest in learning about the French/Italian culture and language. They aim to share everyday life with their new family and are willing to make new friends. Students who take exchange are enthusiastic to improve their communication skills and to experience that feeling of amazement when they are understood. They are also ambassadors for Australia, with overseas people curious about our way of life.  The main goal of having this experience is that language skills and communication skills will be gained while on exchange to improve and enhance future education and career opportunities.

Exchange Process at Brigidine

  • Parents of students must apply in writing to the Principal by either letter or email of their intention to send their daughter on exchange.  An Application for Exemption from Attendance form is to be included.
  • When approval is given by the Principal, students are to speak with Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning regarding suitability of them going away and the impact it will have on their studies.
  • A Certificate Granting Exemption from School will be supplied by the College, once approval is given.

As stated in our enrolment conditions, financial obligations state that ‘no remission of fees, either in whole or part, will be made if the student is absent due to illness, leave or suspension.’