HSC Results

Brigidine College St Ives prides itself on providing a holistic education for girls combining the spiritual, academic, physical and cultural dimensions of learning.

Brigidine girls enjoy excellent academic results, a high level of achievement in the performing arts and sport, and a strong commitment to service. They are challenged to think and experience beyond their boundaries and have the courage to question their world.

2019 Higher School Certificate Results

Brigidine College St Ives is a non selective school. This year the College ranked:
– 5th 
Catholic girls school in the state
– 50th school in the state

Top ATAR Results

Christina Chan – 98.60
Lauren Hocking – 98.55
Lauren Stanaway – 98.55

Top Achievers in the State

These students have received a place in the state.

Evelyn Hatziioannou – 3rd in the state in Modern Greek (external)
Jemima Belger – 4th in the state in Dance
Ella Ward – 5th in the state in Textiles and Design
Sarah Lowry – 6th in the state in Drama

Distinguished Achievers

 75% of the cohort were mentioned on the Distiguished Achievers list (those who score 90 marks or above in a subject).  There were 106 students with 214 mentions across a range of courses.

Showcases of Exemplary HSC Works

The following students were identified as producing exemplary works which led to their nomination and selection for the full breadth of HSC Showcases – an outstanding result.

Selected for Callback (Dance)
Jemima Belger – Core Composition

Nominated for Callback (Dance)
Jemima Belger – Core Performance
Jasmine Barbour – Core Performance, Major Study Performance
Juliette Brennan – Core Performance, Major Study Performance
Bianca Burmeister – Core Performance, Core Composition, Major Study Performance
Isabelle McLennan – Core Performance, Core Composition, Major Study Performance
Georgia Tindall – Core Performance, Major Study Performance

Nominated for OnSTAGE (Drama)
Group Performances:
She – Jessica Atalla, Teresa Honeysett, Olivia McNamara, Abby Van Balkom
A Killer Collection – Victoria Biles, Penelope Godfrey, Sarah Lowry, Grace Mirabello
Ivan – Juliette Brennan, Jasmin High, Abby Johnson
A Living Nightmare – Georgia Douglas, Gabrielle Florance, Tegan Greig, Anja Kastowsky, Daniela Latouche
Big Top – Tara Ferreira, Laura Galoustian, Annabelle Judd, Poppy Koulouris, Ruby Rayner

Individual Performances:
Get Happy – Jessica Atalla
The Animal Whisperer – Corina Behrens
Caught in the web – Juliette Brennan
Calamity Jane – Penelope Godfrey
St Joan – Jasmin High
Times Three – Abby Johnson
How to marry our daughters – Neena Karunakar
The Dance Mum – Poppy Koulouris
The Hormone Monster – Sarah Lowry 
Fatal Beating – Grace Mirabello
The Lesson – Abbey Tyler
Little Voice – Abby Van Balkom

Selected for ENCORE (Music)
Ella Cooper

Nominated for ENCORE (Music)
Jessica Atalla
Georgia Byrne
Abby Van Balkom

Selected for TexStyle (Textiles and Design)
Jasmine Ammitzboell

Nominated for Shape (Design Technology)
Jasmine Ammitzboell – Textiles and Design
Charlotte Harry – Industrial Technology

Nominated for InTech and Shape 2019 and InTech 2020 (Industrial Technology)
Charlotte Harry

Nominated for ArtExpress

Bridget McKee – Enigma
Keira Paine – Bailey’s Journey

All-Rounder Results

An ‘all-rounder’ is a student who has achieved at least 10 units over 90%. All of these students have achieved this excellence across a breadth of subjects.

Jemima Belger – Dance, English Advanced, Mathematics (2018), Modern History, History Extension, Studies of Religion 2 (2018)
Christina Chan – Business Studies, Economics, English Advanced, Mathematics (2018), Studies of Religion 2 (2018)
Lauren Hocking – English Advanced, Geography, Mathematics (2018), Mathematics Extension 1, Visual Arts, Studies of Religion 2 (2018)
Rebekah Moore – English Standard, Food Technology, Mathematics Standard, PD/H/PE, Studies of Religion 2
Abby Van Balkom – Drama, English Advanced, Legal Studies, Mathematics Standard, Music 1

Congratulations to all our students on their accomplishments. We sincerely acknowledge the dedication and talent of our teaching staff who, in partnership with parents, have supported the girls throughout their Brigidine education.

An HSC brochure with further details will be available from Term 1, 2020.