Learning overview

Learning at Brigidine College is an experience of imagining and realising the many possibilities that enable girls to flourish and grow into confident, accomplished young women of and for the future.

For the full listing of Academic Curriculum for 2020 please click here.

Instilling a sense of purpose and success

We know girls and shape their education in ways that fill them with a sense of purpose and success about their achievements. We know their differences, their academic capabilities, their interests, their challenges and we explore opportunities to structure a more personalised, relevant curriculum that meets their needs in the present yet is flexible enough to adapt to change in the future.

The girls are challenged to take a risk with their learning and extend themselves to acquire and assimilate knowledge, understanding and skills. They are encouraged to use resources effectively to enhance their learning, think critically about knowledge with its inherent real-life problems and be creative and reflective in their quest for solutions. They are called to communicate collaboratively but develop the ability to self-regulate in their approach to learning.

Teachers with passion and commitment

Highly educated teachers committed to the delivery of an excellent curriculum work with the girls to enable learning. Their passion and energy enthuse and challenge young minds in a positive partnership striving for improvement and growth.

At our College, the charism of St Brigid informs our practice; the idea that a self-assured, competent woman has the courage to reach out in a spirit of welcome and gently offer hope and optimism to others with respectful understanding, and a strong sense of justice, is transformative learning and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

Diverse Curriculum

Brigidine College offers a diverse curriculum that caters for the needs of our students. The timetable is a construct of mandated and elective courses for students of all abilities, including accelerated, extension, remediation and life skills programs. In addition to our broad curricular choice the College has recently added Dance as an elective and an HSC course. Beyond the timetable, opportunities to study languages through the Open High School and the Saturday School, TVET courses through TAFE, HSC courses online or via distance education are all promoted and supported to enable girls to study their program of choice.