Transport Links

Public Transport

Visit Forest Coach Lines and Shorelink for timetables and detailed information about transfers for students between Brigidine College and the North Shore rail line, the Northern Beaches, West Ryde and the Forest areas.

In addition to special school bus services provided by Forest Coaches and Shorelink, the College is well served by a network of regular bus routes providing readily available links between Brigidine College and Turramurra, Lindfield, Roseville, Gordon, Pymble, Chatswood and West Ryde train stations.

Private Bus Services – Northern Beaches

In addition to the Public Transport services, Brigidine College is pleased to offer a private bus service to assist students and families on the Northern Beaches where there is an inadequate public bus service or multiple transport connections are required.

The three routes are:
• Avalon
• Cromer/Collaroy
• North Balgowlah/Seaforth

For further details of the morning routes please click here.

For further details of the afternoon routes please click here.




Avalon route and times
Link to Avalon route\

Stop Place Time AM Time PM

Avalon, Hitchcock Park carpark

Careel Head Road, Avalon




2 Avalon, Barrenjoey Rd (near Wollstonecraft Ave) 7.16am 4.24pm
3 Avalon Surf Club (near Avalon Pde) 7.18am 4.22pm
4 Avalon, Barrenjoey Rd (near Old Barrenjoey Rd) 7.20am 4.19pm
5 Newport Surf Club, Barrenjoey Rd (near Neptune Rd) 7.23am 4.17pm
6 Newport, Barrenjoey Rd (near Trevor Rd) 7.25am 4.15pm
7 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Karloo Pde) 7.27am 4.13pm
8 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Hillcrest Ave) 7.28am 4.12pm
9 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Bassett St) 7.29am 4.11pm
10 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (public bus zone Kitchener Park – near Park St) 7.31am 4.09pm
11 Mona Vale Rd (Mona Vale General Cemetery – near Ponderosa Pde) 7.35am 4.05pm
12 Mona Vale Rd, Ingleside (near Manor Rd) 7.40am 4.00pm
13 Brigidine College (AM Mona Vale Rd/PM Woodbury Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm

Cromer/Collaroy route and times

Link to Cromer/Colloroy route

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 Cromer Public School, Carcoola Rd (before Meehan Rd) 7.10am 4.30pm
2 Wheeler Heights, Rose Ave (in front of St Rose Catholic Church) 7.17am 4.23pm
3 Collaroy Plateau Public School, Plateau Rd (in front of school) 7.20am 4.20pm
4 Collaroy, Pittwater Rd (near Collaroy St) 7.25am 4.15pm
5 Narrabeen, Pittwater Rd (At shops near carpark) 7.29am 4.11pm
6 Elanora Heights Shops, Powderworks Rd (at shops near Kalang Rd) 7.35am 4.05pm
7 Terrey Hills Public School, Myoora Rd (Opp School) 7.50am 3.55pm
8 Brigidine College (AM/PM Mona Vale Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm

North Balgowlah/Seaforth route and times
Link to North Balgowlah/Seaforth route

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 North Balgowlah, Woodbine St (Woodbine St Shops) 7.10am 4.35pm
2 Seaforth, Sydney Rd (Seaforth Shops near Kempbridge Ave) 7.13am 4.32pm
3 Balgowlah, Condamine St (near Sydney Rd) 7.17am 4.28pm
4 Manly Vale, Condamine St (near King St) 7.22am 4.23pm
5 Allambie Heights, Allambie Rd (Allambie Heights Public School) 7.28am 4.17pm
6 Frenchs Forest, Frenchs Forest Rd East (near Inverness Ave) 7.36am 4.09pm
7 Frenchs Forest, Forest Way (Forest Way Shops) 7.46am 3.59pm
8 Belrose, Forest Way (Opp Belrose Country Club near Hews Pde) 7.50am 3.55pm
9 Brigidine College (AM Mona Vale Rd/PM Woodbury Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm


The bus services are operated by North Sydney Bus Charters (NSBC), in air-conditioned and seat-belted coaches. The buses are branded with the Brigidine College logo. All buses are GPS tracked and North Sydney Bus Charters can contact the buses at any stage. All drivers are experienced bus charter drivers with current working with children checks.

Guidance to students and parents

  • Students need to be at the designated bus stop at least 2 minutes prior to the advertised time. Drivers will attempt to keep to the timetable.
  • Students should use the seatbelts provided.
  • Should there be a need to query the bus service operations, ie. in case of delay or other matter, please call the North Sydney Bus Charter 24-hour landline on 9427 8533.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted to be consumed on the coaches, with the exception of bottled water.
  • Students are asked in the first week of school, to attend the IT Help desk in Murray Wing and have their student ID cards swiped and matched to the BusMinder software.
  • Students are asked to tap-on and tap-off with their student ID cards upon entry and exit from the bus. (See further details below.)
  • Please note: students will have access to the bus services at the commencement of the school term, even without a matched student ID card. New Students may also use the bus service prior to receiving their Student ID card.


Prepayment by credit card via the College Payment Portal is required and tap-on/tap-off tracking facilities are available for parents and students by way of a third-party mobile app and our existing student ID cards.

To purchase Bus Service trips, please go to the College Payment Portal on our website or click here: Brigidine Payment Portal (Westpac)

Then select “Other Payments” and click “Next”.

Below are purchase options available for 2021:

  • Bus Service – Term Pass – $360 (for 8-10 trips per week at approx. $3.96 per trip)
  • Bus Service – 50 Trips – $200 (for 3-7 trips per week at $4.00 per trip)
  • Bus Service – 10 Trips – $52 (for 1-2 trips per week at $5.20 per trip)

Please note those families with a 50 trip pass will be able to use any remaining trips from 2020 during T1 2021. The 10 trip pass will expire at the end of 2020.

Tap On/Tap off tracking

Tap-on/tap-off tracking facilities will be available for parents and students using our existing student ID cards and third-party BusMinder software. Therefore, students are asked to tap-on with their student ID cards upon entry and exit from the Bus. This tracking will enable accurate recording of each student’s use of the bus service, helping us maintain the safety of students at all times, and ensuring accurate billing.

BusMinder app

The College is pleased to provide parents with the BusMinder app to give parents additional real-time access and information about the three bus services, including current bus locations and each student’s entry and exit from the bus. The bus service operates fully and is not compromised in any way by the unavailability of this additional mobile app feature.

Click here for instructions on how to install and use the BusMinder app.

After school hours

Students may catch any of the regular (non-school) bus services to the train stations they require. In addition, areas such as North Turramurra, North Wahroonga, St Ives Chase, the Forest area, Killarney Heights, Elanora, the Northern Beaches, Pittwater, Terrey Hills and Beacon Hill have either direct private bus services or can be linked to government bus routes.

Public Transport Link Map for Brigidine College St Ives.