Brigidine College is committed to the holistic development of our students, with the Camps program forming an essential element of the overall social, emotional and personal development of the girls. It is also a key component of the College’s pastoral program.

The Camps program also addresses contemporary social-cultural issues such as the concern that many young people are retreating into a virtual world and losing contact with reality, which can lead to social dislocation and isolation. Enjoying one another’s company in the calm of natural environments, students are encouraged to balance moderate reliance on technology with an appreciation that they can happily exist without many of the domestic comforts to which they have become accustomed. Our students experience time in God’s creation and their time away fosters the opportunity for spiritual growth as well as a greater respect for the natural world.

Through the Camps program, the girls develop skills and values that they need to ably navigate their journey from adolescence to maturity and to improve their capacity for future success.

Within the Camps program girls are given an opportunity to:

  • discuss ways they can apply their insights learnt at Camp to real-life situations.
  • explain how social situations are enriched by the gifts of and differences between participants as experienced at Camp.
  • demonstrate a greater capacity for resilience, more effectively bounce back from adverse situations and extend their ability to meet and overcome challenges.
  • appreciate their life situation and the blessings of life.

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