Parent Partnerships

Brigidine College values its partnership with parents in nurturing the full potential of each student. It’s important for parents to be involved in the life of their adolescent daughter/s so the College strives to create opportunities to help parents stay connected with their daughter/s and enrich their family relationships.

Some of the opportunities which enable a closer relationship that is both mutually understanding and respectful are:

  • Evenings and events – In every year group there are evenings and events regularly scheduled which are designed to bring parents to the College to share in the experience of their daughter’s growth and development. These are excellent opportunities for parents to meet with other parents and discuss critical adolescent issues with staff of the College.
  • Effective Communication – We strive to keep parents well informed. Parent information evenings, weekly newsletters, emails, text messages and other forms of communication allow parents to stay up-to-date with College life and events surrounding their daughters.
  • Support of the co-curricular programs – Many parents involve themselves as coaches, managers and accompanists, often using their own expertise and experience to enhance the lives and learning of the students at Brigidine.
  • Parent / teacher / student meetings and regular reports – Regular meetings and semester reports keep parents up-to-date with their daughter’s academic, emotional and social progress.

Working in Partnership with You

Parents obviously play a critical role in their daughter’s life and development, and Brigidine College strives to enhance the capacity of all relationships and to provide parents with a consistent framework that works in harmony with their own expectations for their daughter.
Brigidine endeavours to work in partnership with all parents to ensure their daughters make the successful transition into young women with confidence, courage and compassion.