Student Life

Peer Support

Students in Year 7 are welcomed and nurtured in the transition to Secondary school with this Pastoral system. The Year 7 students are placed in small groups with two Senior students who guide them through the challenges of school life from a student’s perspective.

Friendships are forged and developed among the older and younger students and the students discuss how they adapted to secondary school life. Each year a new group of young women willingly step forward to be trained as Peer Support leaders for the new students to the College.

Student Leadership

Students are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership capability from Year 7 through to Year 12. Each year group elects student leaders from among those of their peers who self-nominate for roles in their year group. These students will develop skills in organisation and relationships through exercising their leadership in an area of responsibility that will build spirit and involvement in the year group. Areas of responsibility may include House Spirit, organising the year group Charity events and also assisting the Year Coordinator with aspects of College life.

Year 12 leaders are selected in Term 3 of Year 11 and play an important role in leading the student community during their HSC year. They will endeavour to build a sense of community and belonging in the College, trying to ensure high participation in events and making a difference to College life. They will take up roles in student leadership, House leadership, social justice coordination, and the co-curricular life of the College. The experiences of leadership in the Junior School are planned to assist with student leadership opportunities in the Senior School.

House System

Students at the College are placed in one of four Houses and are encouraged to participate in House activities. The Houses are: Kildare – green and red, Fatima – pale blue and white, Prague – purple and gold, Lourdes – dark blue and orange.

House activities centre around developing a spirit of connection and competition between the groups. House points are gained through participation in Athletic and Swimming Carnivals, as well as through participation in special days and activities organised by the Senior House Captains. House points can also be gained through excellent conduct and behaviour and participation in College events like the College Musical.

Merit System

Students who complete excellent class and assignment work, and who contribute positively and effectively to College life are rewarded with Merits. These are awarded by members of staff for a variety of reasons and purposes and they accumulate into Year Coordinator Awards, then to Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards that are presented to students at College Assemblies by the Principal.

Students are acknowledged for academic, sporting, co-curricular and community achievements throughout their time at Brigidine College. College award ceremonies and Assemblies are utilised to highlight student achievement in all of these important areas.