Student Welfare

Mentor System

Each student is part of a small Mentor Group of 15-17 students within a Year based cohort structure from 7-12. This group remains together for the six years at the College developing strong relationships and friendships throughout that time. A Mentor teacher provides guidance, support and individual mentoring for the students in the group. They are often the first point of contact for parents when there is any issue that needs to be addressed.

Year Coordinators

A Year Coordinator for Years 7-12 manages the needs of the students during the year. They monitor the academic and social progress of each student, provide emotional and spiritual support, as well as meeting the everyday physical and organisational needs of the students. They provide programs and activities that are coordinated for each year group with particular awareness of their developmental phase and current social needs and concerns. Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with the Pastoral Staff to enable us to provide the best care for their daughters.

Student Management

A student management policy, based on restorative justice, that encourages students to develop self-responsibility for their actions, and the importance of respect for others and the College environment, has been developed over many years at the College. Each student is encouraged to wear their uniform with pride, and make every effort to enhance and develop the life of the College through their individual actions.