Wellbeing at Brigidine

Students are encouraged at Brigidine to develop as Christian people through a systematic program of pastoral care that is grounded in the College Mission and Brigidine Charism. The Wellbeing of students at Brigidine has always worked in conjunction with the teaching and learning of students and the development of their religious and spiritual character. The framework for the development of students is based on two key principles:

  1. Restorative Justice forms the basis of all student management at the College. Each student is encouraged to explore the impact upon others of their actions and behaviour and how they can best manage that behaviour in the future. At every level, students are given the chance to change their behaviour and be restored to the community.
  2. Positive Education is based on the work of Martin Seligman and others in Positive Psychology. This framework has a deliberate focus on developing resilience and a growth mindset in all of our students. Through the exploration and understanding of PERMA (Positive emotions – Engagement – positive Relationships – Meaning – Accomplishment), students are exposed to positive emotions, finding meaning and purpose in life, positive health, and developing and valuing the right relationships.

The pastoral care program is infused with activities and strategies for building a positive mindset that enables Brigidine students to flourish and to challenge themselves in new ways of learning and thinking. At the same time this positivity allows them to fall back on their character strengths in times of challenge and difficulty which enables them to be more resilient and capable of managing the challenges of adolescence.