The Brigidine Archives were established to ensure that records which have value as authentic evidence of administrative, corporate, cultural and intellectual activity are made, kept and used. The work of the Archivist is vital for ensuring organisational efficiency and accountability. In doing this the Archivist collects, promotes and shares the rich heritage of the College and the Brigidine tradition with the Brigidine Community.

The establishment of Brigidine College St Ives Archive dates from 1989 when the Principal, Sr Anita Murray saw the need to provide financial
assistance for the care of the historical documents, papers & memorabilia that record the life of the school.

At this time a committee of concerned staff members (including a parent & ex-student) were collecting and collating the material. Whilst this group continued to work on the collection, they campaigned for a dedicated archivist position to be established. Around 1999 a committee member, Philippa Goddard, was given official responsibility for the Archive and in 2003 a professional Archivist was employed part-time and more stringent archival principles of provenance and original order were applied to the collection.

The Archives collection includes:

  • Administration records
  • Audio and audio visual items
  • Ephemera
  • Memorabilia
  • Publications
  • Photographs
  • Plans
  • Uniforms

The College is always interested in donations that will complete and fill gaps in our existing Archives collections. The archivist is available Tuesday and Wednesday  10am – 6pm. To contact the Archivist, Jess Moore, please email  or phone 02 9988 6264.