2017 HSC Results

19 December, 2017

Jane Curran, Principal of Brigidine College, was delighted with this year’s HSC results and all that our girls achieved. She said, “Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on their excellent results. They have worked with dedication and commitment and shown courage in taking intellectual risks.

Mrs Curran added, “My sincere thanks to our dedicated staff and the girls’ parents for their partnership in supporting the girls throughout their years at Brigidine”.

Outstanding results in the breadth of studies: Top ATAR Results

Highlights at this point in time.

College Dux: Sarah Stanaway 99.65

College Proximes: Celine Nalbanian 98.9 and Valentina Buay 98.80

Top Achievers in the State:

3rd – Devina Maurice for Drama
6th – Sonia Elliott for Drama
7th – Valentina Buay for Drama
10th – Meredith Paterson for Textiles and Design

All-Rounder Results

An ‘all-rounder’ is a student who has achieved at least 10 units over 90%. All of these students have achieved this excellence across a breadth of subjects.

Valentina Buay: Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English Advanced, Mathematics, Studies of Religion 2 (2016)

Annika Hather: Biology, English Advanced, Geography, Mathematics, Modern History, Studies of Religion 2

Devina Maurice: Drama, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Music 1, Studies of Religion 2 (2016)

Celine Nalbandian: English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Modern History, History Extension, Studies of Religion 2 (2016)

Sarah Stanaway: Biology, Chemistry, English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Music 2, Physics, Studies of Religion 1, (Mathematics 2016)

Laura Watts: Economics, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics, Italian Continuers, Studies of Religion 2 (2016)

Selected for Call Back (Dance)

Mia Barbour – Major Study Dance & Technology – Film & Video

Claire Thomson – Core Performance

Selected for TexStyle (Textiles & Design)

Meredith Paterson

Selected for OnSTAGE (Drama)

Valentina Buay’s individual performance (To End Where You Began)


2017 HSC Results