Brigidine College Celebrates Early HSC Success

23 November, 2017

The staff and students at Brigidine College are pleased to announce two outstanding pieces of work from the recent HSC have been included in Texstyle and OnSTAGE, respectively.  The body of works produced by Meredith Paterson (2017 Textiles Club Captain) and Valentina Buay (2017 College Captain) made a significant impression on the HSC markers.

Meredith said she was “thrilled and flattered”, to learn she had been selected for Texstyle, the showcase of outstanding Major Textiles Projects developed by HSC Textiles and Design students.

Meredith’s garment is a one-shouldered, black paper taffeta dress with box pleats.  It features cascading layers of satin and glass organza from the waist, which are dyed yellow and purple and have fishing line in the edge to finish.  Meredith explains, “I have learned so much from this process – from how to dye synthetic fabrics, to teaching myself how to illustrate in Photoshop when my pencil fashion drawings were a horrendous mess.  Learning these new techniques alongside watching my time and effort materialise as the year went on has been the most valuable and rewarding part of this experience”.

Meredith’s inspiration was her grandmother who was a very talented dressmaker.  Meredith dedicated her work in loving memory of her grandmother.  Texstyle will be held at the Into Craft Live Show at Rosehill Racecourse in 2018 from 8 March – 11 March 2018.

Not only is Brigidine shining in the Textile field, but our drama students are also enjoying success.

Valentina Buay, 2017 College Captain, was selected for OnSTAGE for her individual drama performance, To End Where You Began.  Valentina’s self-devised performance used non-realistic, stylised and symbolic movement to attempt to capture life’s defining moments – Birth, Life and Death. The vulnerability of life and the cyclical nature of human existence is something that has been the intriguing subject of discussion for years on end. Inspired by an appreciation of physical theatre as an art form and its ability to portray our multifaceted existence, this​ self devised piece hopes to provide the opportunity for one to observe their own existence from an external perspective, revealing the simplicity and fragility of life itself.   Using dismantled VHS tapes to symbolise the thread of memory and metronome to represent one’s constant yet finite heartbeat, this allows the audience to observe and understand the simplicity and fragility of human life.

For Valentina, “being selected for OnSTAGE has been a dream of mine for many years, and so I’ll never forget the overwhelming feeling of shock and joy when I received the news!  However, I couldn’t ever have created this piece without the invaluable support of the drama department – the expert eyes and feedback provided by Miss Di McDonald, Mr Chris  Rutherford and Mrs Emma Johns has made my IP what it is today.”

Valentina will perform her outstanding piece at the Seymour Centre, from 3-9 February 2018.

Jane Curran, Principal, was beaming with joy when she heard the news.  She commented, “hard work and the commitment to making something tangible of the imagination have resulted in these two extraordinary pieces of work.  We are thrilled for Meredith and Valentina and proud of the work they have done.”

Brigidine College Celebrates Early HSC Success