Robotics at Brigidine

31 May, 2018

On Thursday 10th of May, the Brigidine Zero Robotics team spent the day at Sydney University for the launch of the Australian Qualifying Zero Robotics Competition. Facilitated by NASA and MIT, the competition allows students from all over the world to learn how to code satellites aboard the International Space Station and is an incredible opportunity to learn valuable skills, challenge ourselves and work with people from all over the world.

We spent the day strategising, calculating and developing our code while being mentored by Sydney University students. We also had the opportunity to hear from some inspirational guest speakers, including Gregory Chamitoff, a former NASA astronaut and the founder of the Zero Robotics Program.

Over the course of the year, we will work in our teams to create code that solves the global challenge – this year it is locating and reassembling another satellite floating in space. If we are successful, we will progress to the International Competition, with the opportunity to form alliances with teams from all over the world. The finals of the competition are played out live on the International Space Station, a goal the Brigidine Team is striving for.

A big thank you goes to Mr Usmar, who facilitated our participation in the Launch and in the Zero Robotics Program.

The Robotics Club meet regularly at Brigidine College.

Thank you to Caitlin Cummins for her article.

Robotics at Brigidine