Successful Duke of Edinburgh Program in 2017

20 November, 2017

The Youth Adventure Challenge

The Youth Adventure challenge commenced on the 6th of October to the 9th of October. It consisted of physical and mental challenges and problems, which required a team of four to work together and demonstrate their problem solving skills and teamwork. Day one involved challenges such as building a raft from materials for example four poles of wood, five ropes and four water barrels we then had 10 minutes to structure the raft from scratch. We were then required to take the raft into the water and sit on it and paddle out and collect items, which you then had to justify why they would help you survive on a deserted island. On the second day we completed the mixed sport challenge which incorporated a 10km run, 7km canoe and 12km bike ride. The third day was Rogaine which consisted of hidden points around camp Jungai and camp Elidon worth different values. The rogaine was about strategizing which points you would go for and how your team would gain the most points.  It was a big three days and involved lots of fun, teamwork, character building and adventure. All the girls made many magical memories and can all say it was three fun filled days spent with like minded people.

Bella Encina and Jemima Guberina (Year 9)

Gold Fiji Expedition and residential project 2017 personal reflection

I would like to share with you some impressions written by the students about their experiences in Fiji starting with a reflection by Miki Ellis and Sylvia Kim and continuing each week this term with other students in order to share with the Brigidne Community each participant’s experiences of this very unique and special Fiji Experience 2017.

“My Fiji experience has been amazing-the best experience of my life.  The relationships I built with my Fijian family have been indescribable.  They were all so welcoming and kind to us.  At the beginning of the trip a little year 3 girl named Mila taught me how to count in Fijian.  This was an amazing experience because of the welcoming and inclusive attitude she had.

By the end of the trip I had built incredible relationships with my new family and felt loved and appreciated.  The people were amazing.  I had so much fun with everyone all the time.

While in Kenani we had a dance party with all the Fijians, connecting and unifying through all of our love for dancing and singing but we also taught each other many things such as new dance moves.

Overall my Fiji experience has been the best experience of my life and I would recommend it to everyone strongly.

While in Fiji I learnt about their strong culture and although they may not have a lot of money their lives are rich with love, culture, acceptance and kindness”. (Miki Ellis)

“The Duke of Ed trip to Fiji was really the Fiji experience everyone spoke about.  From the beginning of the preparation, I eagerly anticipated the trip that was to come.  Fiji time was also introduced to us during the trip, which was very enjoyable because time was no longer a worry.  The trip had difficult moments and times that were hard but there were very good memories that will remain with me forever.  When we first arrived I was quite nervous about the next 10 days that were to come with the practice expedition and the residential that was to come.

The practice expedition was very enjoyable with a much more cohesive group atmosphere from the day that we started our practice expedition.  During the residential stage I taught years 1 and 2 and was fortunate enough to meet two girls Naola and Kelera whom I got close to over the following days. Teaching the year 7 and 8’s I was able to really understand the Fijian culture. On my last day in the school I was fortunate to teach music where I was able to spend time with all years 1-8 and was able to spend time drumming, playing musical statues, some Australian and Fijian songs as well as just dancing around and having fun. Fiji vinaka vaka ie uu!” (Thank you very much) (Sylvia Kim)


Successful Duke of Edinburgh Program in 2017