Year 7 Reflection

19 February, 2018

The first two weeks of Year 7 at Brigidine have been amazing. There are so many big changes as well as some small ones. The thing that surprised me most was having to wake up early.

At first, I felt a little anxious and had butterflies. So many firsts! The first lesson, the first College mass, the first time meeting new friends and seeing old friends from last year. New experiences such as Technology, Visual Arts, French and PDHPE as well as so many opportunities in Clubs and private music tuitions.

It was great meeting our Mentor Group and teacher. All the teachers have been so welcoming and fun to be around. We all have been sharing stories, laughs and things from our holidays and times at school.

During Orientation Week, we learnt about all the things we needed to use such as Firefly, the Portal and emails. The ICT sessions were super helpful and now it feels so much easier using my laptop for anything!

We have enjoyed meeting our Peer Support leaders from Year 10 who have been very helpful. Mine have been welcoming and gentle towards us and it has certainly helped me make friends. Even when I see my peer support leaders around in the school, they smile and check-in on how everything is going.

My nerves ceased during the badge ceremonies. Receiving my Fatima badge made me feel special. My Brigidine badge was great too as it made you feel like you belonged.

Whenever I wear my badges, I wear them with pride, for I am a Brigidine College girl.

Charlotte Sim, 7 Fatima 3

Year 7 Reflection