Annual Giving

Our Annual Giving Appeal is an annual request to support Brigidine College St Ives financially and reflects our philosophy of everyone contributing what they can for projects which cannot be covered by school fees. To make a gift click on the Give Now button. Whatever your gift it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support for our girls.
Take a look at the video of this year’s special projects here.

Realityreads – Bringing books to life

Target $3500 – Achieved!

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting digitally enhanced view of the world. AR can transport you into a visual book review made by students’ peers. It may sound ‘unreal’ but with the help of a few iPads and some simple software we can make this a ‘reality’ in our own Library.

Just imagine how much this will encourage reading and improve literacy amongst our girls. How engaged they will be: making their own video book review, sharing it with friends, getting tips on their latest good read!

With support for this project we have bought six iPads loaded with the Aurasma App ( which students will use to trigger the video book reviews (called Aura). Any student will be able to record a review using the iPads but just imagine how Year 7 and 8 girls will particularly love this project.

The Aurasma App is only available on iOS devices (laptops don’t deliver this technology) so iPads are the only tool to provide this exciting opportunity. Thank you to our donors who helped us bring books to life!

Cutting edge innovative technology

Target $5000

Laser technology is now a ‘gateway’ tool that unleashes opportunities across disciplines in schools, particularly in STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

To prepare Brigidine girls for our technological world we need to challenge them to design and innovate. Through laser technology our students can personalise, customise and add value to their own projects, raising the quality of their work and increasing their confidence with technology. They can hone their problem solving, critical thinking, team building and collaboration skills, all of which are so valued in the workplace.

This Digital Laser technology allows students to develop concepts using materials ranging from acrylic and aluminium to leather, stainless steel and wood.

Help us fund this Digital Laser system for use across the STEM disciplines at Brigidine bringing amazing opportunities to our girls and their futures.

Support during hardship

During the past 12 months more families in our community than ever affected by difficult circumstances. Bursary support from our donors has helped us to help them, allowing girls to stay amongst friends and supportive staff through these trying times. So that financial circumstances do not prevent young women from accessing or continuing their education at Brigidine College we need help for our Bursary Fund.

Take a seat!

Whether it be for music, drama, film, public speaking or tertiary style lectures, our girls are inspired by the atmosphere of Murray Theatre. Your tax deductible gift of $500 toward the Theatre will help us meet the costs of this exciting facility. In recognition of this gift, your daughter’s or your family’s name will be engraved on a plaque mounted on the seat. Leave a lasting sign of your time at Brigidine.

Collectively our gifts can get these opportunities happening. To make your gift to one of these special projects click the Give Now button to take you straight to Payments. Whatever your gift, it will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference to our girls.