College Development

As in most independent schools, Brigidine College uses tuition fees to pay for the operating costs of the school. These fees do not include a levy for assets or provide capital for major projects or upgrades. Therefore, when major building projects are needed to maintain the standard of teaching, resources and to facilitate 21st century learning, the College relies on the generosity of its community to help fund and deliver those projects.

The College completed a new Strategic Plan in 2012 which ensures that the teaching environment for our girls is responsive to the needs of the 21st century. An integral component of this Strategic Plan is a Master Plan which provides for a planned development up to 2020.

The Master Plan incorporates the maintenance and development of flexible and adaptable teaching spaces and quality technologies facilitating the provision of quality teaching and learning. Building developments will provide specialist facilities which will clearly benefit the students.

Our current students are enjoying and benefiting from facilities provided over previous decades and particularly those made possible through the assistance of the Capital Appeal funds from 1999 to 2006.
To facilitate the next step in the College’s development and implementation of the Master Plan the 2012/13 Capital Appeal was launched. This Capital Appeal raised funds to assist in the construction of Stage 2 of the Master Plan. Many parents across the College year groups have pledged and contributed to help provide for our current and future students. This support is highly valued and integral to the successful and ongoing development and advancement of the facilities at our College. Our girls are now enjoying the benefits of these impressive facilities.

For further information or to discuss how you can help the girls and College please contact Di Lawrence, Director Development and Community Relations at the College on (02) 9988 6278 or