Tours and Immersions

A vital aspect of nurturing the minds and imaginations of our students is by providing them with opportunities to experience the world around them. Each year, girls are invited to participate in a variety of tours that will allow them to encounter unique and often remote areas of the world.

Opportunities in recent years have included tours focusing on music, community service, culture and sport. Participation in these programs provides wonderful opportunities for students to embrace the challenges of living in a global community while facilitating the development of life-long friendships and enduring memories, independence and resilience.


The Brigidine Antipodeans Immersion program to Southeast Asia allows students to develop their mindfulness, resilience and leadership. During the immersion, students work in leadership teams to book accommodation, transport, restaurants and organise sightseeing activities under the guidance of Antipodeans Leaders and College staff. Students gain an insight into the realities of life for people with whom they engage and develop a deep appreciation for a culture very different to their own. They are also challenged to step out of their comfort zone by completing a project in 4 – 6 days for a local community and a 3 – 4 day hike.

Indigenous Immersion/Tour

The Indigenous Immersion/Tour provides students with a unique opportunity for experiential learning. Participants immerse themselves in the culture and life issues of our Indigenous brothers and sisters by engaging with key communities, community elders and school leaders. The purpose of this 8 – 10 day immersion/tour program is to gain an insight into the realities of life for Indigenous people, their history and learn about their traditional ways.

Previous Tours

Some of the College’s previous tours included:

Netball and Hockey Tour to New Zealand

Cultural Tour to the UK

Music Tour to Singapore

STEM Tour to NASA (as part of The Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia)


“From immersing ourselves in the Indigenous culture to exploring the beautiful Daintree Rainforest, the Indigenous Immersion was truly something to remember. After spending a few nights in different communities we had learned so much about the Indigenous way of life, including fishing in crocodile invested rivers, cooking damper in coals on the beach and swimming in gorgeous water holes surrounded by the some of the rarest flora in the world.”  Molly Fileman, Year 9