Brian Loughland Editorial 14 October 2022

Independent research from the Australian Camps Association shows that:
Camps and outdoor education programs play a key role in addressing mental and physical health concerns. Camps have been shown to reduce anxiety, increase connection to school, increase connection to peers and increase efficacy, all strong markers of good mental health. Camps and outdoor education programs involve physical activity, working in small, facilitated groups and creating connection with the natural world – a combination that is highly effective in improving physical and mental wellbeing. Camps and outdoor experiences focus on building interpersonal and intrapersonal skills such as independence, resilience, leadership, communication and respect for others. The recently published Looking to the Future Report identifies the development of such skills as being an essential element of Australian education delivery in the years to come.

We think that all our Camps, spiritual Retreats and special reflection days build a sense of purpose, stronger bonds of friendship and a sound foundation in living a good life according to the rich heritage of the Brigidine tradition. Now more than ever, we need to look at ensuring our young people are engaged with life beyond the digital world. Forming real relationships in face-to-face settings and growing and developing in safe and supportive environments pushing themselves out of their comfort zones. We believe this approach and our holistic education, including community service as well, will support the student’s development into the amazing young women we continue to see graduating each year from the College.

In Term 4 we are running the deferred camps program from March 2022. We are not able to run them concurrently as normal in Term 1 of each year and have focused on 3 Camps for Years 8-10.

Week 2: Year 8 Camp at Wombaroo, Moss Vale from 19-21 October.

Week 5: Year 9 Camp at Murramarang NP (South Coast of NSW) from 8-11 November.

Week 7: Year 10 Combined Camp/Retreat at Wollongong SL Resort from 22-25 November.

Year 7 experienced a Spirituality Day today on 14 October at Oxford Falls designed to connect them more to the College story and heritage, and importantly to one another. Our Assessment weeks in Term 4 have been carefully designed around the Camps to maximise the opportunity for students to give their best in these key assessments at the close of the 2022 year.

Year 10 will also be supported in their transition to senior school with a designated Transition Week from 15-18 November following their final Year 10 assessments and examinations.

It will be a short busy term, culminating for students at the end of Week 8 on Friday 2 December. While it is a short and active term, it will be important for the girls to give their best in their schoolwork, join in with these important Camp experiences and build foundations that will benefit them, both next year at school and more importantly, into their lives beyond the College.

Brian Loughland
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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