Learning at Brigidine College is an experience of imagining and realising the many possibilities that enable girls to flourish and grow into confident, accomplished young women of and for the future.

We know girls and shape their education in ways that fill them with a sense of purpose and success about their achievements. We know their differences, their academic capabilities, their interests, their challenges and we explore opportunities to structure a more personalised, relevant curriculum that meets their needs in the present yet is flexible enough to adapt to change in the future.

The girls are challenged to take a risk with their learning and extend themselves to acquire and assimilate knowledge, understanding and skills. They are encouraged to use resources effectively to enhance their learning, think critically about knowledge with its inherent real-life problems and be creative and reflective in their quest for solutions.

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Diverse Curriculum

Brigidine College has an ideal size and philosophy to offer a diverse curriculum that caters for the needs of our students. Brigidine offers mandated and elective courses for students of all abilities, including accelerated, extension, remediation and life skills programs. The College has broad curricular choice offering 35 HSC courses.

Our Curriculum


The teaching classes within each year group are organised to enable two of the classes in a subject to pursue higher order concepts in their learning.


Opportunities are provided for girls to learn a subject beyond the usual expectations for the age of the cohort. It is offered because the girls are exposed to the rigour and high expectations of an HSC subject which develops their capacity to think in more complex, challenging ways. The learning attributes acquired from this can propel their thinking and learning to higher levels of operation in other subjects which is beneficial.

Acceleration opportunities:

  • HSC Studies of Religion II is offered to a class of Year 10 students with identified strengths in literacy and the humanities.
  • HSC Mathematics is offered to a class of Year 9 students with identified strengths in numeracy and algebra.

Diverse Learning

Diverse Learning at Brigidine is inclusive of all students with a range of learning needs. Each student’s needs are identified and assessed, then an individual plan is created which considers reasonable adjustments to the mainstream delivery of subjects within the curriculum. The adjustments are many and varied but all are designed to enable each girl to access the curriculum and achieve at her level.

Critical Thinking is an important skill which allows us to evaluate the world clearly and rationally. It demands that we question everything to find authentic and plausible truths for ourselves.

Critical thinking is also challenging. It is not comfortable to question what we would prefer to accept passively. It hurts our brains and it is a little disturbing. However, it does enable us to become independent and self-assured, as well as avoid being fooled by others or by our laziness!

In education, critical thinking is a valuable tool. It demands that students gather and assess information confidently and it requires the incisive communication of evaluations and conclusions. It is a process which is applicable in all subjects and encourages pupils to be self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective.

This form of open-minded and rational thought is so highly prized that it has been included as a foundational component of the Australian Curriculum and emphasised as a 21st Century skill by the business world.

The Critical Thinking Course at Brigidine College endeavours to promote higher order thinking and prepare students for their senior studies and their careers.

During Year 7, the girls will learn to appreciate the complexity of defining knowledge and explore contemporary social issues to realise the importance of achieving their own informed evaluations. They will be challenged to ask questions to deepen their understanding and encouraged to voice their views rationally and logically. They will also explore the rumours and lies which masquerade as facts and assess how these may disrupt our thinking and target cognitive bias.

The Brigidine Honours Program is an enrichment opportunity offered to students in Years 7 to 12. Its structured activities are designed to encourage lateral thinking, creativity and depth of analysis.

The Honours Program is divided into three levels: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Each level requires students to undertake a research project, to attend regular Honours Tutorials and to submit a portfolio containing examples of academic successes in order to establish future learning goals.

The incremental complexity of the levels is intrinsic to the Program. The increased demands made on students, from Junior to Senior Honours, challenge them to become more confident at working independently, to research and investigate thoughtfully and to reflect on the process of their own learning.

Students explore a wide range of philosophical notions, scientific concerns and political debates. They evaluate a variety of topics through multiple lenses and, most importantly, they are invited to express their views and ideas in a myriad of forms and representations.

The Honours Program is designed to inspire, energise, and motivate interested learners.

We are committed to the girls having every opportunity to realise their academic goals. To that end we embrace external options and support the girls who choose to learn subjects in this way.

External Learning Options:

  • Open High School for girls studying languages other than French and Italian
  • TAFE HSC for girls wanting to complete a course over one year in the evening.
  • TVET for girls wanting to pursue an industry accredited course for their HSC
  • Lismore Online for students who want to complete an HSC course in an online environment with students from other parts of the state.
  • Distance education for students who are only able to attend school part-time or who wish to study a subject which cannot be provided by the school.

HSC Results

Brigidine College St Ives prides itself on providing a holistic education for girls combining the spiritual, academic, physical and cultural dimensions of learning.

Brigidine girls enjoy excellent academic results, a high level of achievement in the performing arts and sport, and a strong commitment to service. They are challenged to think and experience beyond their boundaries and have the courage to question their world.

2021 Higher School Certificate Results

As a non-selective school we proudly report our 2021 HSC results.

Ranked 10th Catholic girls school in the state

Ranked 66th school in the state

Top ATAR Results

Tara Thai achieved an ATAR of 98.95

Abbie Gates and Sarah Wang are our Proximes both achieving an ATARs of 98.65

Top All Rounder

An ‘all-rounder’ is a student who has achieved at least 10 units over 90%.

Tara Thai

Top Achiever in the State

Tara Thai – Drama 1st in State
Alyssa Wong (Year 11 Accelerated) – Information and Digital Technology 4th in State
Jessica Marx (Year 11 Accelerated) – Studies of Religion II 5th in State

Distinguished Achievers

86  students (70%)  were mentioned on the Distinguished Achievers list (those who scored 90 marks or above in a subject) with 153 mentions on the list across a broad range of courses.

ATAR Distribution

10% students received an ATAR above 95

34% students received an ATAR above 90

60% students received an ATAR above 80

Showcases of Exemplary HSC Works

The following students were identified as producing exemplary works which led to their nomination and/or selection for the full breadth of HSC showcases.

View List


This HSC Showcase is the exhibition of exemplary Dance performances and compositions from the 2021 Higher School Certificate.

HSC Selection 2021 – Jessica Wilson



This HSC Showcase is the exhibition of exemplary Textile and Design projects from the 2021 Higher School Certificate.

HSC Selection 2021 – Madeleine Coakes

Congratulations to all our students on their accomplishments. We sincerely acknowledge the dedication and talent of our teaching staff who, in partnership with parents, have supported the girls throughout their Brigidine education.

The campus is flanked by a protected stand of Duffy’s Forest which sets the scene for our well-landscaped grounds with contemporary facilities and green areas to promote both learning and wellbeing.

Our classrooms include modern learning spaces equipped with advanced technology. Many of our learning spaces are purpose built including specialist drama and dance studios and soundproofed music rooms and a commercial kitchen for Hospitality. Curricular and cocurricular specialty areas cater for students through an impressive breadth of facilities. With an environmental consciousness the College has installed high-capacity water tanks and water sensor taps in bathrooms, together with other water-saving devices.

College Map

College Canteen

The College canteen offers freshly prepared food options and operates daily with online ordering of lunches. Cash sales and EFTPOS are available at breakfast, recess and lunch for over the counter items. The canteen opens daily at 7.30am.

Menu options, prices and daily specials can be viewed every time you log in to your QuickCliq account. You can order online any time up to one week in advance. Daily orders need to be submitted by 7.30am.

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Public Bus Services

Visit Forest Coach Lines and Shorelink for timetables and detailed information about transfers for students between Brigidine College and the North Shore rail line, the Northern Beaches, West Ryde and the Forest areas.

In addition to special school bus services provided by Forest Coaches and Shorelink, the College is well served by a network of regular bus routes providing readily available links between Brigidine College and Turramurra, Lindfield, Roseville, Gordon, Pymble, Chatswood and West Ryde train stations.

Private Bus Services

In addition to public transport available, the College is pleased to offer a private bus option with three services to the Northern Beaches and one service to Top Ryde via West Pymble

The four routes are:
• Avalon
• Cromer/Collaroy
• North Balgowlah/Seaforth
• Ryde via West Pymble

For further details, click below.

Click for morning routesClick for afternoon routes

Avalon route and times

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 Avalon, Hitchcock Park carpark, Careel Head Rd 7.15am 4.26pm
2 Avalon, Barrenjoey Rd (near Wollstonecraft Ave) 7.16am 4.25pm
3 Avalon Surf Club (near Avalon Pde) 7.18am 4.23pm
4 Avalon, Barrenjoey Rd (near Old Barrenjoey Rd) 7.20am 4.20pm
5 Newport Surf Club, Barrenjoey Rd (near Neptune Rd) 7.23am 4.18pm
6 Newport, Barrenjoey Rd (near Trevor Rd) 7.25am 4.16pm
7 Newport, Barrenjoey Rd (near Walworth Ave) 7.26am 4.15pm
8 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Karloo Pde) 7.27am 4.14pm
9 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Hillcrest Ave) 7.28am 4.13pm
10 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Waterview St) 7.29am 4.12pm
11 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (near Bassett St) 7.30am 4.11pm
12 Mona Vale, Barrenjoey Rd (public bus zone Kitchener Park – near Park St) 7.32am 4.09pm
13 Mona Vale Rd (Mona Vale General Cemetery – near Ponderosa Pde) 7.36am 4.05pm
14 Mona Vale Rd, Ingleside (near Manor Rd) 7.41am 4.00pm
15 Brigidine College (AM Mona Vale Rd/PM Woodbury Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm
Click for Google Map

Ryde route and times

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 Brigidine College (Mona Vale Rd) No am service 3.45pm
2 St Ives, Mona Vale Rd, before Memorial Ave (St Ives Shops) 3.49pm
3 Pymble, Mona Vale Rd, opp Telegraph Rd 3.52pm
4 Gordon West, Mona Vale Rd (after Kiparra St) 3.57pm
5 12 Kendall St, Pymble 3.58pm
6 West Pymble, Yanko Rd (before Loftberg Rd) West Pymble Shops 3.57pm
7 West Pymble, Yanko Rd (after Andrew Ave) 4.02pm
8 Macquarie Park, Lane Cove Rd (Eden Gardens) 4.08pm
9 Macquarie Park, Herring Rd (Macquarie Centre) 4.14pm
10 North Ryde, Lane Cove Rd (at Coxs Rd) 4.22pm
11 North Ryde, Lane Cove Rd (after Quarry Rd) 4.25pm
12 Top Ryde, Devlin St (Top Ryde Shopping Centre) 4.29pm
Click for Google Map

Cromer/Collaroy route and times

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 Cromer Public School, Carcoola Rd (before Meehan Rd) 7.10am 4.30pm
2 Cromer, Corner of Grover Ave & Fisher Road 7.13am 4.27pm
3 Wheeler Heights, Rose Ave (in front of St Rose Catholic Church) 7.17am 4.23pm
4 Collaroy Plateau Public School, Plateau Rd (in front of school) 7.20am 4.20pm
5 Collaroy, Pittwater Rd (near Collaroy St) 7.25am 4.15pm
6 Narrabeen, Pittwater Rd (At shops near carpark) 7.29am 4.11pm
7 Elanora Heights Shops, Powderworks Rd (at shops near Kalang Rd) 7.35am 4.05pm
8 Terrey Hills Public School, Myoora Rd (Opp School) 7.50am 3.55pm
9 Brigidine College (AM/PM Mona Vale Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm
Click for Google Map

North Balgowlah/Seaforth route and times

Stop Place Time AM Time PM
1 North Balgowlah, Woodbine St (Woodbine St Shops) 7.10am 4.35pm
2 Seaforth, Sydney Rd (Seaforth Shops near Kempbridge Ave) 7.13am 4.32pm
3 Balgowlah, Sydney Rd (near Wanganella St) 7.15am 4.30pm
4 Balgowlah, Condamine St (near Sydney Rd) 7.17am 4.28pm
5 Manly Vale, Condamine St (near King St) 7.22am 4.23pm
6 Allambie Heights, Allambie Rd (Allambie Heights Public School) 7.28am 4.17pm
7 Frenchs Forest, Frenchs Forest Rd East (near Inverness Ave) 7.36am 4.09pm
8 Frenchs Forest, Forest Way (Forest Way Shops) 7.46am 3.59pm
9 Belrose, Forest Way (opp Belrose Country Club near Hews Pde) 7.50am 3.55pm
10 Brigidine College (AM Mona Vale Rd/PM Woodbury Rd) 8.05am 3.40pm
Click for Google Map


The bus services are operated by North Sydney Bus Charters (NSBC), in air-conditioned and seat-belted coaches. The buses are branded with the Brigidine College logo. All buses are GPS tracked and North Sydney Bus Charters can contact the buses at any stage. All drivers are experienced bus charter drivers with current Working With Children checks.

Guidance to students and parents

  • Students need to be at the designated bus stop at least 2 minutes prior to the advertised time. Drivers will attempt to keep to the timetable.
  • Students should use the seatbelts provided.
  • Should there be a need to query the bus service operations, ie. in case of delay or other matter, please call the North Sydney Bus Charter 24-hour phoneline on 9427 8533.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted to be consumed on the coaches, with the exception of bottled water.
  • Students are asked in the first week of school, to attend the IT Help desk  and have their student ID cards swiped and matched to the BusMinder software.
  • Students are asked to tap-on and tap-off with their student ID cards upon entry and exit from the bus. (See further details below.)
  • Please note: students will have access to the bus services at the commencement of the school term, even without a matched student ID card. New Students may also use the bus service prior to receiving their Student ID card.

Brigidine College uses the BusMinder Parent App to manage those students using our private bus service.

All students using the private bus service must be registered to BusMinder before parents can access the BusMinder Parent App. Please click here for the registration and payment guidelines.

Busminder Parent maintains Student Trip balances and monitors tap-on/tap-off tracking activities – by using our existing student ID cards. (Students must pre-register their card via the ICT Department)

Once registered, Term Passes or Trips are able to be purchased via the BusMinder Parent app on your mobile

  • tap ‘Students’ (bottom of screen);
  • tap on the student you wish to make a payment for;
  • tap ‘Top Up’ and select a payment option.

Below are purchase options available for 2022

  • Bus Service – Term Pass – $375 (for regular usage)
  • Bus Service – Term Pass – $155 (Top Ryde afternoon service only, regular usage)
  • Bus Service – 20 x Trips – $95 (for low and ad-hoc usage)

Download the BusMinder Parent App for iPhone here.

Download the BusMinder Parent App for Android here.

Tap On/Tap off tracking

Students are asked to tap-on with their student ID cards on entry and exit from the bus. This tracking will enable accurate recording of each student’s use of the bus service, helping us maintain the safety of our students at all times, and ensure accurate billing.

Please direct all BusMinder queries to the College Finance Office


Telephone 02 9988 6200

BusMinder app

The College is pleased to provide parents with the BusMinder app to give parents additional real-time access and information about the four bus services, including current bus locations and each student’s entry and exit from the bus.


The Uniform Shop provides all items for the school uniform and sports uniforms. Located in the Convent building, adjacent to the College Green, the Uniform Shop is open during term time Tuesday and Friday – 8am to 4pm.



Should you wish to make an appointment please click below to book a time or phone the Uniform Shop on 9988 6252.

You may email the shop on

Payment options: Cash, Cheque, Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.


Setting up your Focus Uniforms Account


Click the person symbol on the top right-hand corner
Click “Create Account” icon (underneath SIGN IN) and complete the details
Click “Create”
Complete the information requested including your email address and Password
You are now logged in and ready to place orders.


Term Dates

2022 Term Dates – CLICK HERE

Term 1

Friday 28 January: Year 7 and New Student Orientation Day
Monday 31 January: TERM 1 COMMENCES for all students
Friday 8 April – TERM 1 ENDS
(Easter: Friday 15 April – Monday 18 April)

Term 2

(Monday 25 April: Anzac Day Public Holiday)
Tuesday 26 April: TERM 2 COMMENCES
Monday 13 June: Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Friday 24 June: TERM 2 ENDS

Term 3

Tuesday 19 July: TERM 3 COMMENCES
Friday 23 September: TERM 3 ENDS

Term 4

Tuesday 11 October: TERM 4 COMMENCES
Friday 2 December: TERM 4 ENDS for Students

2023 Term Dates – CLICK HERE

Term 1

Monday 30 January:       Year 7 and New Student Orientation Day

Tuesday 31 January:       TERM 1 COMMENCES for all students

Thursday 6 April:            TERM 1 ENDS

(Easter: Friday 7 April – Monday 10 April)


Term 2

(Tuesday 25 April – Anzac Day Public Holiday)

Wednesday 26 April:      Term 2 COMMENCES for students

(Monday 12 June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday)

Friday 23 June:                TERM 2 ENDS


Term 3

Tuesday 18 July:               TERM 3 COMMENCES for students

Friday 22 September:     TERM 3 ENDS


Term 4

Monday 9 October:        TERM 4 COMMENCES for students

Friday 1 December:       TERM 4 ENDS for students



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