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Brigidine College is a non-selective independent girls’ school from Year 7 to Year 12. We cater for girls of all abilities and talents. We are a Catholic College which opens its doors to warmly welcome girls of all faiths. Guided by our motto, girls are inspired to act with strength and gentleness to make a difference in their world.


The Brigidine motto, Fortiter et Suaviter challenges girls to be “Women of Strength, Women of Gentleness”.

College Tours and Open Day

College Tours

If you are looking to enrol your daughter into Brigidine College and would like to come on a College Tour, we invite you to register your interest to join a Tour.



North Shore Schools Expo

Join us at the North Shore Schools Expo this August

Saturday 3 August & Sunday 4 August
10am to 4pm
Chatswood Concourse

Virtual Tour

It is always our pleasure to show you around our beautiful campus, however in the meantime, please explore our Virtual Tour to see what Brigidine College has to offer your daughter by clicking the link below to view online.


Open Day

Our next Open Day will be held early in 2025

Open Day is a wonderful way to discover Brigidine College. We will be holding student led tours to see our Campus in action. There will also be an opportunity to hear from our Principal, Ms Laetitia Richmond and also meet our Executive Team.

Our Enrolments Team will be available to answer all your questions on the day.

If you have an enquiry regarding entry into the College during 2024, please contact our Enrolments Manager on 9988 6283 or by emailing us below.


Enrolment at Brigidine


Application for Enrolment

Our main point of entry is Year 7 but we accept applications for all years and for mid-year enrolments. Simply complete our online application form, upload supporting documentation and pay the application fee.

Interview Process

Once an application is submitted online, applicants and their parents are required to attend an Enrolment Interview. This process will commence approximately 2.5 years prior to girls entering Year 7, that is when girls are in Year 4. The interview is an integral part of the enrolment process.

Offer of a place

Upon successful completion of the interview process, offers of places are made, subject to availability, and at the discretion of the Principal.

Acceptance of Offer

Parents will then be given the opportunity to accept an offer by payment of the non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $2000 and completing the Acceptance of Offer, which needs to be signed by both parents. The Enrolment Fee reduces to $1000 when a sibling is attending the school at the time of enrolment.

How to apply

It is never too early to apply and it is strongly recommended that applications be lodged by the time your daughter is in Year 3.

All applications are held on a register until the offer process begins. Late applications will be accepted and considered on an ongoing basis until the commencement year.

During 2024 we will be interviewing the following year groups for entry into Year 7 –

  • Early in 2024 interviews will be held for Year 7 2025 and Year 7 2026 entry
  • Mid-2024 interviews will be held for Year 7 2027 entry

Please contact the Enrolments Office with any queries.


The Brigidine College St Ives Application Form is available online. For admission to the College this form must be submitted with a non-refundable Application Fee of $450. The Application fee is waived for daughters and granddaughters of alumni.

The online Application Form will require copies of the following to be uploaded:

  • A recent photograph of the applicant
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the Baptism Certificate
  • Recent School reports, including NAPLAN results
  • A covering letter from parents
  • An acknowledgment of receipt of the application will be sent to parents.

In processing enrolments, consideration is given to the following criteria:

  • Sisters of Brigidine students and ex-students or other Brigidine connections
  • Daughters of ex-students
  • Students attending Catholic parish schools or other Catholic schools
  • Religious identity
  • Those able to demonstrate a case for ‘special consideration’ e.g. interstate move
  • Receipt date of application
  • Discretion of the Principal

In all cases, the College will seek to achieve a congruence of values between the applicant’s family and the school. A covering letter should be included with your application indicating your reasons for seeking to enrol your daughter at Brigidine College St Ives.

All enrolments are at the discretion of the Principal. Due regard is given to recent School reports and other documents given to the College e.g. testimonials, references, that suggest a congruence between home and school.

All applications are subject to there being appropriate vacancies. The College has a policy of containment of enrolments so that it can continue to function as a school of the most desirable size.

Year 7 Admissions

For entry to Year 7, all applications are held on a register and are processed and assessed for possible interview on an ongoing basis. This interview and offer of place process is initiated when girls are in Year 4 and continues as vacancies emerge until the commencement year at Brigidine College. Please see timeline for 2024 listed under “when to Apply” above.

A letter of acceptance of the position must be completed by the parents and returned to the school together with a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $2000 or $1000 (if the applicant has a sister currently enrolled at the College).

Year 8 – 12 Admissions

All applications received for current year groups are placed on a waitlist. The College constantly monitors the enrolments and will extend offers if vacancies emerge. Consideration will be given as stated under the ‘Enrolment Considerations’ section above. An interview with the Principal or Executive will then be required.

Take a virtual tour


Fees payable prior to commencement*

An application Fee of $450 applies to begin the enrolment process. (This Fee is waived for daughters and granddaughters of Alumni).

Refer to the Enrolment at Brigidine process and How to Apply, click here.

Non-refundable Enrolment Fee per student at the time of offer (Sibling discounts available). Enrolment fee $950 when a sibling is currently enrolled at the College.

College Tuition Fees

2024 College tuition fees $22 570.

Fee Structure

Fees are the majority of the College’s income, supplemented by per student recurrent grants received from both the State and Federal Governments. Fees are set annually to take account of increased costs as well as movements in funding levels. The College receives no funding from Governments for building works and capital refurbishment programmes. Parents are invited to support the Building Fund and Annual Giving Appeal. Voluntary contributions to the Building Fund and Scholarship and Bursary Fund are tax deductible.

School Fees – Flexible Payment Options with Edstart

The College works with Edstart to offer flexible fee payment options to our families.

Edstart helps make school fee management easy by providing flexible payment plans to pay for your daughter’s education over a timeframe that suits your family budget. School fees can be spread evenly over the school year in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments or extended over a longer period to reduce repayments. For more information and to apply at any time of the year please visit edstart.com.au/brigidine

Brigidine College St Ives has a simple flat fee structure. This covers all curricular tuition, most resources, excursions, camps, retreats and technology. All students are provided with new student notebook computers for the duration of their attendance at the College at no additional charge . Textbooks and school uniforms are purchased by families separately as facilitated by the College.

A cost recovery charge is made for some consumable resources for higher cost tuition subjects like TAS and Design.

Tuition Fee per annum for Years 7 – 12
$22 570

The College offers a $300 Prompt Payment discount for families with one student at the College; and $550 for families with two or more students, when the whole family account is paid in full – before 20 February.

Administration Charge of $150 per payment agreement (at the discretion of Principal and Business Manager)

Sibling Concession

Second student concurrently enrolled at Brigidine College, St Ives – Concession of 12.5% of College Tuition Fee.

Third and all subsequent students concurrently enrolled at Brigidine College St Ives – Concession of 25% of College Tuition Fee.

Fees in Advance

Where families choose to make an advance payment of two or more years’ Tuition Fees, a discount of 2% (annual compounding) is available.

Please contact the Finance Manager for details of the Advance Arrangement and applicable terms and conditions.

Cocurricular Activities

Students may of course participate in the wide range of sporting and other cocurricular activities available at Brigidine or embark upon school tours. These fees are charged to families on a cost recovery basis.

Notice of Withdrawal

As per the Conditions of Enrolment, parents are required to give at least one term’s notice of termination of enrolment, in writing to the Principal. Where insufficient notice is given, up to one term’s fees will be payable.

Recommended Voluntary Building Fund Contribution – per family per annum


Scholarships are offered at Brigidine College to provide an additional entry point for students whose gifts have the capacity to add value to the College and are aligned with the College spirit and ethos. The guiding principles are:

  • the scholarships are offered in Year 7 only
  • the scholarship will cover full or part remission of tuition fees from the point of entry to the end of Year 12 on the basis of the student continuing to meet the conditions of the scholarship
  • the number of part or full scholarships offered per year is at the Principal’s discretion
  • the Principal reserves the right to determine the recipients and no discussion will be entered into

Scholarship Registration

Scholarship Registration for entry into Year 7 2025 is now closed.

Registration for entry into Year 7 2026 will open in November 2024 via the link below.

Year 7 2026 Scholarship Registration will open November 2024

To apply for a Scholarship:

1. Register and pay online

2. At the time of Registration the following documents will need to be uploaded:

    • Curriculum Vitae: a short resume (designed and created by the student herself and a maximum of two pages) outlining the applicant’s achievements in the last three years;
    • A handwritten covering letter outlining why the applicant thinks she should be considered for the scholarship. The letter should be no longer than one A4 page;
    • The applicant’s latest Semester 1 and Semester 2 reports;
    • Year 5 NAPLAN results, and
    • Current photo ID

3. Attend Scholarship examination at Brigidine College on Saturday, 1 February 2025.

Registered parents will be notified by email of the status of their daughters application, ie. whether successful or unsuccessful, by the end of Term 1.

Examination results will not be made available.

Students will be selected for the award of a Scholarship on the basis of:

  • academic ability demonstrated through the scholarship testing and reflected in school and NAPLAN reports
  • general all round ability indicated in a personal Curriculum Vitae and outstanding skills in at least two of the following:
  1. debating and public speaking
  2. leadership
  3. communication skills both written and verbal
  4. performing arts
  5. sport
  6. congruence of values with the College.

The Scholarship will incorporate:

  • Opportunities for students to further develop their recognised areas of skills and talents, explore individual choices, strive for personal excellence and take an active role in effecting change in their society.
  • Experiences and skill development which enable students to make informed decisions and participate constructively in contemporary social debate.
  • Involvement in a wide range of activities which may assist in providing future career directions.
  • Achieve their best in application to life at the College, studies and contribution to community engagement.
  • Commit to personal excellence.
  • Lead by example at the College.
  • Represent the College where appropriate.
  • Serve the community.
  • Adhere to College policy and procedure requirements concerning student behaviour and expectations.

A short list of applicants will be identified by the Principal and the Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning and invited to an interview at the College with their parents.

The successful applicants will be notified both by telephone and in writing of the offer and terms and conditions of the Scholarship. Acceptance will be contingent on both parents and students signing an acceptance of the conditions of award, completion of the College application form and payment of the Application and Enrolment fees.
The number of full or part scholarships awarded will be at the discretion of the Principal.

Registered parents will be notified by post or email of the status of their daughters application whether successful or unsuccessful by the end of Term 1. Examination results will not be made available.


2025 Bursaries – APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN and will close Friday 28 June 2024

Bursaries are available for entry into Brigidine College to provide a Brigidine Education for young women whose family’s financial circumstances may prevent enrolment or prevent continuing enrolment at Brigidine College.

The Bursary support is designed to assist families who demonstrate financial need via a means-tested inability to afford a Brigidine College education.

Assistance from the Bursary fund will be provided to students and families who will be active participants in the College Community and their family values are aligned with the College Spirit and Ethos.

Financial Assistance is offered on the condition that all other means of financial support have been pursued and exhausted.

The College receives a number of requests for assistance and has a responsibility to ensure equity, fairness and compassion in its determination to award any Bursary Assistance.

General Information

  • Bursaries are currently offered for Year 7 through to Year 11.
  • For new students, an Enrolment Application must be lodged first then an Application for Bursary (Financial Assistance) will need to be completed 15 months prior to the year of entry. All Bursary Applications will be assessed by the Bursary Committee at the end of Term 2 in the year prior to commencement.
  • The Bursary will cover full or part remission of tuition fees, for a two-year period from the point of entry on the basis of the student continuing to meet the conditions of the financial assistance. Families must submit a request in the second year of the bursary if they wish to reapply for financial support.
  • The College reserves the right to determine the recipients, the terms and conditions of the Bursary Offer, in its absolute discretion and no discussion will be entered into.
  • The percentage of the Bursary will be applied to the Acceptance Fee.

Unless otherwise specified all other fees are payable by the family. These fees include but are not limited to cocurricular costs, excursions, camps, retreats, IT costs and uniforms.

Criteria for Awarding a Bursary

The principle criterion for the provision of financial assistance from the Bursaries Fund is a demonstrable, means-tested inability to afford a Brigidine College Education

Students will be selected for a Bursary based on:

  • Means-test carried out by, or on behalf of, Brigidine College St Ives.
  • The student’s appropriate academic standard and commitment to Brigidine values
  • The student and family are active participants in their current community. Their commitment to a holistic education and Brigidine values is demonstrated by the involvement of the student and family in the education, cocurricular and community activities at their current school.
  • Bursaries will only be awarded via application. The required financial information will need to be included for an application to be considered.
  • Bursaries will be awarded by the Principal in consultation with the Bursary Committee and College Board.

Application and Assessment

Applications must be completed using the online form by the date nominated each year by the College and submitted to the Business Manager, unless an exemption to the online process has been granted.

The application form consists of four parts:

    1. Commitment to a holistic education and Brigidine values demonstrated by the involvement of the student/family in the education, cocurricular and community activities at their current school.
    2. Demonstrated financial needs by completion of full and frank disclosure of financial circumstances.
    3. A vision of how the applicant could support and further the Brigidine College mission and values.
    4. Reference from the School Principal of current school.

Process for Selection and Notification of Recipients

    1. The Bursary Committee will consider all applications for Bursaries and shortlist those who are identified as potential Bursary recipients.
    2. The PA to the Principal will organise family interviews to be conducted by the Principal and the Bursary Committee.
    3. The Bursary Committee will determine what, if any Bursary offer is to be made.
    4. The Business Manager will circulate the Bursary Committee’s recommendations to the Brigidine Board for final approval.
    5. The College Board approved offer is then made to the family and is valid for 21-days from the date of offer.
    6. Once the Bursary has been accepted, the normal enrolment process will occur.
Click here for Bursary Application for Financial Assistance

Stepping up to Year 7

Welcome Day for Year 7 2025
Tuesday 29 October 2024 (this is subject to change but will confirmed by email)

The girls will meet our Principal, Ms Richmond along with their Year Coordinator and School Captain for 2025. They will also hear from a current Year 7 student who will share some of her journey at Brigidine College this year. The day will give the girls a chance to meet their Mentor Group and find out about the many opportunities that await her at Brigidine College.

Assessment Morning
Saturday 2 November 2024: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Assessment Morning is not a selection process. The tests undertaken assist the College to meet each girl’s needs by providing relevant information in the areas of mathematics, reading, comprehension, spelling, written expression and general reasoning. External testing company, Academic Assessment Services (AAS) will coordinate this morning.

Parent Information Evening
Thursday 14 November 2024
(this is subject to change but will confirmed by email)

Presented by executive staff with a focus on your daughter’s transition from primary to secondary school.


How many students at Brigidine College St Ives?

Brigidine College educates girls from Year 7 to Year 12 and has a current enrolment of approximately 900 students.

What are your intake years?

Students are usually enrolled to enter Brigidine College St Ives in Year 7. The College accepts applications for entry to other years and offers are extended subject to the availability of places. For more information see Enrolment Process or contact the Enrolments Manager, Kathy Giuffrida on 9988 6283.

Do you conduct tours of the College?

Our Enrolments Team conduct regular tours of the College during term time. Please CLICK HERE to register for a Tour. Bookings are essential.

Where do most Brigidine students come from?

Most students come to Brigidine from Sydney’s North Shore, Forest area, Northern Beaches and Ryde district.

What public transport is available for students?

Direct bus services are available from the North Shore, Ryde, Northern Beaches and Forest areas. The buses connect to rail services at Gordon and Pymble stations.  For more transport information see Transport on our website or call telephone 131 500.

Do you accept non-Catholic students?

Brigidine College St Ives is an Independent Catholic School. High consideration is given to baptised Catholics and families with an existing relationship with the College. Students from a non-Catholic background are welcome to apply. Over 30% of our students come from a non-catholic background. At all times the College seeks a congruence of values between the school and home.

When should I apply for my daughter?

It is never too early to apply! To be considered for a possible interview it is strongly advised that applications for Year 7 are submitted at least three years prior to the year of enrolment. First Round interviews will be held when the girls are in Year 4. Please see our website for more detail about our Enrolment Process.

What are the hours of the College day?

The College starts at 8.25am and concludes at 3.27pm. There are 6 teaching periods throughout the day.

What is the College uniform and how is it purchased?

Please click here for information pertaining to the College uniform.

Where can I obtain a copy of the College Annual Report?

Recent copies of the College Annual Report and other College Publications are available for download.


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