Brian Loughland Editorial 17 February 2023

Our Commencement Mass last week welcomed new students and staff to the College. These new members are commencing a new phase of their journey in life, and we took time to encourage them and bless them at this mass. Our new students received their College Badges and their House badges in the Mass, the new staff received a candle holder to remind them of the need to be a ‘light’ for others in their time at Brigidine. The mass was preceded by a Smoking Ceremony on the College Green conducted by Uncle Les and his nephew Owen who joined us from the Yuin people of the NSW South Coast for this occasion. The staff and students all took part in walking gently through smoke in an act of cleansing and purification for the new year.

We celebrated the courage and resilience of the Class of 2022 in a special HSC Assembly last week as well. The girls were all acknowledged for their individual achievements and personal best in this rigorous examination and for the excellence they demonstrated to the rest of the student community through their diligence and sustained effort despite the pandemic in recent years. Our college Dux for 2022, Rose Wood, spoke brilliantly of the need to find courses and subjects that students are passionate about and to always utilise the gifts and passions of the College Staff to support them in achieving their own best.

We hope 2023 can be a year for renewed courage and for renewed connection. We all want to get back to normality and create events and moments for connection with our parents and the wider community. Encourage your daughter to be courageous in 2023 and to try new things or begin a renewed approach to her learning, wellness or spirit. With courage coming from each of our hearts, we hope this year can be one of growth, regeneration and success for all.

Brian Loughland
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission

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