Brian Loughland Editorial 26 May23

This is what Yeats refers to as ‘lighting a fire’. Brigidine College provides the spaces, the staff and the means by which our young women can flourish and enjoy the journey of their education. We have a wellbeing framework to support the vulnerable and those experiencing difficulty and one which also allows many others to reach their full potential through a positive outlook and a desire to make a difference in the world. Our ideals and our mission as a school are that they all develop courage, confidence and compassion in their time at Brigidine. That means that they value their learning, seek wisdom and not just knowledge, act with integrity and also honour the spiritual heritage of the college in adopting and appreciating Christian values and the legacy of the Brigidine sisters who provided this community for their benefit. This is our ‘Hearth’, our core and central focus for mission as a community.

With so many supportive and well-connected parents and carers, our students are blessed to be a part of the current generation of young people. There is no doubt there are challenging times ahead for them beyond school, but with a passion for learning and for developing their skills and their dreams embedded in them during their time at the College, a firm foundation is set up for life that can sustain them in difficulty and assure them in times of doubt. There are many external pressures for young people today including social media and a rapidly changing world full of perspectives that reduce the value of the human person at times. Through the loving support of parents willing to give time and resources to support them, and a College community able to challenge and inspire our students, we have a sound partnership that will ensure that all can experience some ‘fire’ and passion, joy and success in their time at Brigidine College.

Brian Loughland
Deputy Principal Faith and Mission

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