Laetitia Richmond Editorial 13 October 2023

Our Year 10 students are now in senior uniform ready for the next steps they will take into senior school. Year 11 students will transition into Year 12 2024 HSC courses and classes following the return of their assessment results from the end of Term 3. They are now moving into the final 12 months of their secondary education. We wish them all the best as they embark on their HSC journey. 

I am sure you will have read of the mandate from the Government that mobile phones are now banned in NSW schools. Our ongoing mobile phone policy at Brigidine is that students are able to use their phone before and after school outside of the school grounds. Once at school, students are asked to have their phones in their locker for the day. Students misusing their phones at school will have their devices confiscated and held at the College reception. Thank you to parents and families for your support in this matter. 

A busy term awaits staff and students at Brigidine. We look forward to welcoming parents, family and friends joining us at the College for the events of Term 4. 

Laetitia Richmond 

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