Laetitia Richmond Matters Editorial 12 April 2024

As Term 1 draws to a close, the final weeks have been hallmarked by the the Kildare 10th Anniversary Conference that took place across five hubs in Week 9, including Brigidine College St Ives as the Sydney Hub. The conference celebrated 10 Years of Kildare Ministries, our overarching governing body, and saw over 1300 people from 10 schools and three community works meet in Sydney, Brisbane, Geelong, Melbourne, and Adelaide. 

The conference theme, Crossing New Seas – Encounter, Dream, Do, explored the unity, shared purpose and future of the Kildare Ministries schools and community works. 

The conference hubs hosted staff from Kildare Ministries, schools, and community works providing the opportunity to connect in person and online throughout the different sessions of the Conference. This meant that all 1300 participants across Australia were able to experience, collaborate, and celebrate the conference as one.  

Student voice was an important aspect of the conference, and we were able to hear from student leaders across all the 10 Kildare Ministries schools and representatives from the three community works.

Over the three days participants were challenged by the keynote speakers to consider the future of the church, particularly within the context of the ministry they are part of. These speakers included Professor Ann Pattel-Gray, Dr Meredith Lake, Emeritus Professor John Warhurst AO, Dr Elissa Roper, Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs, Francis Sullivan AO and Fr Richard Leonard SJ. The various sessions enabled staff to gather their thoughts, to dream of the future for Kildare Ministries, particularly for the next 10 years. 

Following all the opportunities that the conference provided, we look forward to a deepening connection between staff and students with our sister Kildare Ministries schools and community works. 

In addition to College staff who worked hard to ensure that the conference was a success at the Sydney hub I would like to acknowledge our students who are part of the technology team Girls in Black; Keilana Stoten, Ereni Boutsikakis, Grace Eldridge, Ali Knight and Mia Perry offered their time during the conference week to provide outstanding AV and technology support to staff and presenters and were wonderful ambassadors for Brigidine College.

Student achievement  

Our Choir and Band performed to rave reviews at the Royal Easter Show during the second last week of term. Thanks to Mr Lovelock, Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Allen and Ms Ridgeway for their work and support of our students.  

The outstanding and entertaining musical Legally Blonde took place in the last week of term showcasing a vast range of students’ talents including on stage, playing in the band, handling AV, lights, sound and backstage. Congratulations to all our student performers who created such memorable moments!  

Thank you to the staff who supported and worked with students on this production, particularly our Directors Mr Chris Rutherford, Mr Charlie Lovelock and Mrs Jude Allan. Thank you also to their production team Mrs Nicole Godwin Ms Jenny Ridgeway, Mrs Emma Johns, Ms Carmel McCudden, Ms Elizabeth Troha, Ms Libby Goode, and Mr Gareth Edey and the Girls in Black team. All their hard work supported the fantastic production and performances.  

Best wishes and safe travels to  

  • Mrs Jude Allan, Mr Charlie Lovelock, Mrs Michelle Casiglia and Ms Jenny Ridgeway, for the Music tour to Brigidine College Indooroopilly in the school holidays. 
  • Mr Owen Vale, Ms Leone Smyth, Mrs Nyree Lovett, Mr Tim Donlan and Mr Brent Tansley for the sport tour to Fiji and Canada in the school holidays

Staffing news 

As the term concludes we highlight the following staff changes: 

  • Ms Codie Atherton who was a member of our college counselling team finished her time with us at the end of March. We will be welcoming a new counsellor to the team early in Term 2.
  • Mrs Christine Stewart who has been a member of our Diverse Learning team will finish at Brigidine at the end of Term.

Thank you to our parent community for your continued support throughout Term 1, particularly during the week of the Kildare Conference – it is always gratefully appreciated.  

Term 2 promises to be a busy and productive time for students and staff. We look forward to welcoming students back to the College on Monday 29 April in full winter uniform. 

I wish all our students, their families and Brigidine staff a safe and relaxing break.


Laetitia Richmond


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