Leone Smyth Editorial 4 August 2023

One of the benefits of elective selection is the potential it offers for personalised learning. By choosing subjects the students are interested in, they’re more likely to engage with the material, resulting in deeper understanding and better academic performance. It also provides an opportunity to discover new areas of study they might not have considered, opening doors to future career paths and interests. This self-selection also promotes autonomy and responsibility, qualities we believe are vital to nurture in our students.

Year 8 students have been able to choose subjects that pique their interest and match their aspirations for Years 9 and 10. For our Year 10 students, their elective choices will greatly influence their pathway into senior school, potentially guiding future career and university choices. Choosing electives is an exciting phase as it’s one of the first major academic decisions students will make in their educational career.

It is our belief that every student should be empowered to follow their passions and develop their strengths. We have encouraged students to consider their options thoroughly and have discussions with their parents and teachers. While we appreciate that these decisions can be daunting, we want to remind all our students that there’s no definitive ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice. Your high school years are a time to explore, learn and grow. These choices are just another step in your daughter’s journey, a chance to find out more about themselves and the world around them.

The lines for Year 11 2024 will be finalised early next week and students notified of their courses. Interviews will be held with each Year 10 student and their parents on Thursday 10 August to sign off on these selections. Interviews will be able to be booked via the Parent Portal from Monday evening 7 August. Year 8 students will be notified of their courses in the coming weeks.

This week our Year 10 students also sat the minimum standards online tests in reading, writing and numeracy. Students must achieve a level 3 in each test in order to meet the HSC minimum standard, which is considered the level required to function in everyday life, for work and further study beyond school. Most of our students will have successfully achieved this and be eligible to receive the HSC. Those that have not quite attained the standard will have another chance to do so and will be supported in their preparation to do this.

In addition to all this activity, our Year 11 students are working towards the completion of their Preliminary year and preparing for their examinations in the last weeks of term.

As we move deeper into Term 3, let us remember that every journey begins with a single step. For our Year 12 students, each Trial exam is a stepping stone bringing them closer to completing their HSC and their secondary schooling. For our Year 8 and Year 10 students, the choices they make now are the first steps in shaping their academic futures. We challenge all our students to keeping taking steps forward in their day to day learning here at Brigidine.

Leone Smyth
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

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