Matters Editorial – Brian Loughland 14 June 2024

There is something intangible at Brigidine which makes our school special; a strong and gentle spirit that is seen in our students past and present and felt by many who visit us.

This Saturday 15 June we celebrate 70 years of that Strength and Gentleness. In 1954 the doors of Brigidine College St Ives opened to students. Tomorrow we will officially open a new Alumni Garden as part of our celebrations; Honouring the Past and Transforming the Future.

This is a special day in the history of the College. From the first days and over the past 70 years, each student’s story has been woven into ours and Saturday will be an opportunity to celebrate those stories and how they have helped to shape the thriving College community we are today as we move into the future.

The garden located in the centre of the College near the original Convent building will be a communal space of memory, connecting past, present and future students and providing a space for learning and reflection.

A bronze sculpture commissioned for the garden, depicts a 1954 student dressed in original uniform sitting on a bench reading a book. The sculpture will sit alongside our current students, a quiet reminder of the Brigidine spirit and the students, past and present, who form our wonderful community.

Another feature of the garden includes engraved commemorative pavers. These can be purchased by any member of our community to mark their time at and connection with Brigidine and are also an opportunity to remember those who may have passed. For more information on how to purchase a paver please contact Pip Inman at pinman@brigidine.nsw.edu.au.

The special event is a perfect way to lead us into Week 9 and Spirit Week which culminates with Founders Day on the last day of term. Spirit Week is a week of celebrating the Brigidine spirit. A Mass will be held on Wednesday as well as fundraising for the Year 12 charity Hope in a Suitcase which supports children in entering into foster-care.

Founders Day is one of the highlights of the school calendar for our students and plans for the day will be outlined at Assembly today and communicated to parents over the next week.

We look forward to these important celebrations in our 70th year as we collectively honour the past and transform the future.

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