Owen Vale Editorial 24 November 2023

Somewhere along the way things were formalised, structured, accounted for, reported and marketed. There are now departments, coordinators, timetables, budgets and unfortunately for many, invoices, yet, still to this day, in programs that have thrived, born from a different era, cocurricular Legends remain.

This year at Brigidine, we have, or will, farewell four such Legends, from either the College or a specific cocurricular role. Roslyn Boyd in Music and The Musical, Skye Watcher in Duke of Ed, Hugh Morgan in sports coaching and Duke of Ed, and Byron Usmar in STEM (Robotics and Astronomy). All four are Legends. They are loved, admired, appreciated, respected and ultimately will be deeply missed because they are some of the great people who designed, developed and sustained some of the great programs here at Brigidine.

And as we farewell and thank this group of Legends, I also acknowledge, thank and encourage the other two groups of cocurricular Legends; those who remain and those who are just getting started.

To all, my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

Owen Vale
Director Cocurricular

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